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Our Newest Color:
Goth Tipped Red!

Text Box: Home of the paws

Supreme control..

Fingertip claws…

Every delicious point of curved metal buried in thick, rich, fur...

The Claw Paw is the BEST sensation toy you can fit in your pocket.

It has been called the salty-sweetness of sensation and I’ve been told by one buyer that it helped her make a boy fall in love with her. 

Oh yes,

It is Just. That. Good.

If you’ve seen one in action, you know it’s true.  If you haven’t, then I hope you’ll try it yourself!


Just click the photos to the right to see more of the Claw Paw...



Our Preferred contact method is through email at  Please leave  a message and we will work with you to create the perfect paws!

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